Get Involved — Volunteer!

Volunteers have an important and valuable role here whether volunteering for the school or for the PTO. It doesn’t matter if you volunteer for one hour or one hundred hours over the course of the school year; any help you give is essential in enhancing the education of our students. Some volunteers may assist in the classroom with instructional or clerical tasks. Others may help shelve books in the library, chaperone field trips, or work with the PTO on fundraisers. Besides supporting the school, your volunteer efforts teach our children the joy and obligation we all have to give some of our precious time to worthwhile causes. We hope you find your volunteer experience to be a rewarding one.


The following is a list of some do’s and don’ts that will help make your volunteer experience go smoothly.

★Do make sure you are a county-approved volunteer (must be renewed every 3 years).

★Do show up at your scheduled time - remember someone is counting on you.

★Do email the teacher if you will be late or cannot make your time slot.

★Do respect confidentiality and do not repeat anything that you hear or see in the classroom or post pictures of students without permission.

★Do turn off cell phone ringers when in classrooms.

★Do remember LPA’s dress code and please dress accordingly when volunteering in the classroom. 


★Don’t forget to bring your license to present to the front desk staff.

★Don’t forget to leave the “little helpers” at home when volunteering in the classroom, unless otherwise instructed.

★Don’t leave the area where you are volunteering (to visit your other students or favorite teachers) - if you need to change areas, please contact the front desk staff. 

★Don’t forget to enjoy your time at LPA!! We truly appreciate all you do! 


 If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, complete the Volunteer Interest form and we will respond with ideas!